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Noiiz is a revolutionary new service for music producers that gives you unlimited access to a vast library of loops, samples, synth presets, virtual instruments and software plugins.

As a member you get access to all content currently on the platform and all new content added in the future, giving you an endless supply of fresh inspiration, whenever and wherever you need it.

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World class sound

With Noiiz you get unrivalled sound quality, right at your fingertips. Whether you work with loops, oneshot samples, synth plugins, virtual instruments or live recordings, Noiiz gives you the tools you need to make music, the creative way.

“At it’s heart, it’s a well-featured sample library, with more content being added regularly, but it’s the plug-in that really brings the speed and convenience... The subscription rates are very reasonable, given the amount of content available...

Noiiz, and the plug-in specifically, demonstrates that DAW-based sample browsing is the future.

Music Tech Magazine, 2017

What’s included

Unlimited Loops & Samples

Download unlimited royalty-free loops and samples from a huge library of sound.

The Noiiz Plugin

Browse sounds on Noiiz in time and in key with your project, then drop right onto your timeline.

Unlimited Synth Presets

Download unlimited synth presets for Massive, Sylenth, Serum, Spire and more.

The Noiiz Sampler

Take your productions to the next level with the ground-breaking cloud-connected Noiiz Sampler.

Unlimited Instruments

Explore a world of sound with the Noiiz Instrument Suite.

Noiiz Rewards!

Get free credit and surprise bonus rewards when you join Noiiz.

You can download everything

  • Download single sounds, playlists or full packs
  • Build your bespoke library with folders & favourites
  • Website & plugin stay synced through the cloud
  • Use key < > commands to speed up your workflow
  • New content added regularly from world class Creators

Check out J.K. Swopes taking the Noiiz Plugin for a spin

Intelligent sound

Intelligent sound

'Noiiz DNA' is a brand new technology that lets you explore sound in a more musical and intuitive way. Find similar or complimentary sounds, filter by brightness or randomise for inspiration.

Keep your sounds, even if you cancel


Download as many sounds as you like and you’ll retain your royalty free license for life, even if you choose to cancel your membership. We think that’s fair!

Noiiz keeps getting better...and better!


Every time we release a new product or new sound content, as a Noiiz Unlimited member, its yours at no extra cost. Its like receiving a little gift every time!

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What people are saying…

“I still feel like I’m stealing from the people behind it, overall the content is abundant and great; there’s sure to be something in here that can make one’s productions complete. Sometimes one sample can trigger an idea for a whole song, which is also easily possible thanks to the Noiiz plug-in.”

Noiiz User 126***

“So far, I am very pleased with the Noiiz platform. There is an exceptionally vast sound library to choose from, all recorded and captured in top quality”

Noiiz User 593***

“Love it. Thrilled to have the vast amount of quality samples at my fingertips..”

Noiiz User 109***

“I’m really pleased with the new subscription model and the content is of great quality. Having access to the whole Samplephonics catalogue with the ability to download whole packs is fantastic. It has really injected some new life in to my studio work and I am writing so much more music because of it. Either using it as a springboard for building an idea, adding in some extra vibe and texture in to an arrangement or going in directions i’d never have usually taken. Hands down one of the best investments i’ve made recently. Thanks guys.”

Noiiz User 251***

“It’s been amazing, it adds texture and depth to my own productions and allows me to work a lot faster.”

Noiiz User 156***

“Overall, i’ve truly enjoyed the product, and look forward to seeing what’s in store next for Noiiz. I would recommend it to any one looking for great samples for great pricing, with a great staff.”

Noiiz User 726***

“Customer service is EVERYTHING. Yall did that!. Also I just want to say please continue the great work. Been here since before day one. So happy for you guys.”

Noiiz User 198***

“It’s been very pleasing to have so many sounds at my fingertips, and be able to preview every single one! It’s a very good deal compared to buying loads of sample packs.”

Noiiz User 417***

“Your innovation is jaw dropping, and will worry the competitors that’s for sure. After signing up for Noiiz I’m very reluctant to buy sample packs from other companies since I get ten times that value on Noiiz. Thanks guys, you fkin rock!”

Noiiz User 301***

“Huge number of libraries, awesome sounds, very convenient plug-in and not expensive for the quantity and quality of samples. Noiiz is essential because you really cannot find this quality of samples elsewhere.”

Noiiz User 612***

“Hate to use cliches, but it is game changing especially where this is gonna end up when you guys are done.”

Noiiz User 484***

“The samples are great. You can find EVERYTHING you’re looking for. From hard hitting samples to very subtle and detailed samples. I really like the samples with that distant ambience to them. You can get tons of inspiration and the quality is just perfect.”

Noiiz User 536***

“Out of all of the sample sites I have visited I think that Noiiz has the greatest sounds for the money. I also like the filter setup they have it helps me find just what I want quickly. The fact that they continue to add new sounds just makes it that much better of a value to me.”

Noiiz User 172***

“Very happy with Noiiz. I love that I can just go and look for whatever I might need very quickly without worrying about having to buy a £30 or whatever sample pack for a few samples. Loads of great and varied content too.”

Noiiz User 825***

“I am so excited for my semester of teaching to end so that I can dive head first into the app and the entire library. I am so excited to get to know what other people are making and to see how it works with my music. Noiiz will be a great place to start meeting and collaborating with other sounds designers. Great work and thank you all for what you are building. It is awesome.”

Noiiz User 109***

“It’s incredible, it’s a gift sent by the gods of music!”

Noiiz User 212***

“You have a ton of quality content to work with and its more than I’m able to download and review on a regular basis. The value is exceptional. I really like the subscription model that allows customers to download and retain the sounds forever regardless if they renew. I’ve gotten packs from a number of companies over the years and have no hesitation saying you’re my favourite.”

Noiiz User 351***

“It has completely changed my production game. Sample packs are ridiculously expensive to buy, and so Noizz has really given me hope that I can actually have the tools I need to make music affordably.”

Noiiz User 744***

“For a 1 year subscription it was an absolute no-brainer, and I am happy to be part of the journey…”

Noiiz User 325***

“Noiiz is great. I like that I can search using keywords for exactly what I’m looking for. I also like stumbling across samples I wasn’t necessarily looking for but inspire a new track or direction.”

Noiiz User 233***

“Creatively Noiiz has opened up a lot of doors for me and allowed me to experiment with sample packs from a wide variety of genres. Financially i have saved a lot of money. I am really enjoying Noiiz and hope that its successful as a lot of hard work and passion seems to have contributed the the project and its continuing evolution.”

Noiiz User 668***

“I love the idea behind it. I think the value is incredible, and the quality of sounds is fantastic. The plugin is a really great idea and seems like it will end up becoming part of my workflow. I can’t wait to have some time to explore more sounds!”

Noiiz User 185***

“Noiiz has resulted in heaps of time being spent going through the sounds and some cool results with the use of the samples. The website is pleasant and every time a new pack is uploaded, it’s a nice feeling.”

Noiiz User 543***

“I still don’t know how you do it. The value for money is unbelievable. I’ve bought from Samplephonics before and budgeted for future purposes. Now I can get it all, for the incredible yearly price I got in on. Thank you!”

Noiiz User 228***

“i wouldn’t recommend to a friend because i want to keep it for my self !! (lol)”

Noiiz User 794***

“Just great, user friendly, great team that answers questions within hours. It allows me to spend every day exploring new sounds, putting together basic tracks.”

Noiiz User 187***

“I’m really loving it. Just the fact you know it is there within your DAW when you suddenly need a sound, loop or some inspiration makes it a must have tool.
Also thinking about how much space you would need to have available in your computer to host all those sound and you know at the end of the day you barely use half of them… Noiiz makes it easy to just grab what you need , when you need it. Keep up the great work guys!!”

Noiiz User 463***

“I think that the current subscription model is a winner. In additional to being a great bang for your buck, it dramatically improves the speed song creation or song idea creation right though to final song completion.”

Noiiz User 139***

“I’ve created a lot more music since using Noiiz and have been able to use samples in production and for inspiration.”

Noiiz User 661***

“Love it. I’ve completely stopped buying samples elsewhere. I used to only get drum and percussion samples. Noiiz encourages me to try more stuff. Great site.”

Noiiz User 177***

“So far my experience with noiiz has be exceptional, I have always loved the sounds that Samplephonics puts out and to now have it all at my fingertips is beyond incredible. Thanks for all the hard work you do! “

Noiiz User 420***

“I’ve had more than a few of your samples take my tunes to a new level ! So it’s all worth it in the end … Its all about emotional transfer !”

Noiiz User 767***

“So far Noiiz has helped me create and entirely new EP of electronic music that I would not have been able to do before. The sounds and samples contained are inspirational and do a lot for my music. It’s been instrumental in my recent creative processes and I am very glad I found it! Thanks, Noiiz!”

Noiiz User 500***

“Amazing experience 🙂 Nice browser. You have everything I need. I just deleted tons of old samples, because I found your service.”

Noiiz User 906***

“You guys are the best and out of all the subscription based models I am currently subscribed to in audio, Noiiz tops the list due to the quality content and super value for money. Thanks a lot for this.”

Noiiz User 156***

“Noiiz has exceeded my expectations. I’m a happy early adopter.”

Noiiz User 442***

“It has evolved my music creation exponentially.”

Noiiz User 112***

“It’s been great. Having access to inspirational loops and being able to support my imagination with samples and sounds makes creation much more immediate.”

Noiiz User 618***

“I really appreciate the hard work you guys are doing to bring all the sounds together, I am very happy with the design of the site and I am sure that you are going to improve in every way in the future. I am also glad that i had the chance to be a part of this community from the beginning and see it grow 😉 All the best!”

Noiiz User 461***

“I really like it. It’s a great tool of inspiration for me. I get new ideas by using the samples and can work out interesting parts for my compositions and songs.”

Noiiz User 777***

“I love it, it is my go to site when i need something or am looking to start something new, or even create out of my comfort zone.”

Noiiz User 918***

“Love the integration with my DAW. Love I don’t need to buy a full pack for just one sound.”

Noiiz User 589***